Bramschreiber Studios

Summer is here and my Summer Session Classes at the Triton Museum of Art start on July11th for painting, July12th for Drawing. Also the latest series of classes at the Villages is due to end Aug. 27th with paintings of subjects Under the Sea, should be fun. A Back to Basics session starts September 4th. Also September first marks the return of The Rogues Gallery on this site, just in time for the start of the holidays!! For information on that and other upcoming art related activities I am doing in the near future, Check out my Workshop, Classes and Events Gallery!
To Contact Jeff- call(408)718-3307 or e-mail, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram now! Yay!

Painting, drawing and sketching have been my life's pursuit and passion for over forty years. There have been many ups and downs, but with the support of my family, friends and mentors I am beginning to live my dreams. To think that now, after all this time and hard work , I have art hanging in private collections throughout the country, and that I am "in demand" as they say as an artist, event organizer,teacher ,and lecturer; it just blows me away! I hope as you look through this site, that you experience a little of the joy that I felt and continue to feel in creating these works.
Thank you for visiting!
Jeff Bramschreiber